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Engagement Party Checklist

There are a lot of things to organise when planning an engagement party! Here is a checklist.

  • What type of party are you having? Is going to be a small get together at home or maybe a large catered party at a function room.
  • Engagement party theme. The theme may depend on the current climate or season, casual or formal.
  • Book in a venue. Unless you are having a home engagement party, it is vital to lock in that venue well in advance to ensure you do not get a last choice venue that is too far away.
  • Food & Drinks. This can tie in with the theme you have chosen. Cocktails and finger food may suit a formal party in a function room
  • Send out the invites. Once you have organised the above it is safe to send out the invites to family and friends.
  • Entertainment. To keep the party alive you may decide to hire a DJ or a jukebox for the evening.
  • Decorations. It is the day of the party and you have a few short hours to get to the venue and set up some decorations!

Once this is all done you can grab a drink and enjoy the night.